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We’re not looking for work. We’re looking for relationship.

Relationships are at the core of who we are and what we do. We work closely with our clients. We consider their needs carefully and work with them to find the best solution. There is no one size fits all in what we do. It’s special, unique and well thought out; every time.

We’re honored that these companies have chosen us to work with them.

ABC CompaniesABC Companies

ABC is the exclusive North American distributor of prestigious Van Hool motor coaches. ABC also offers the largest selection of pre-owned bus and motor coach inventory in the country.

We have worked with ABC on several internal projects. Our work has included custom .NET and React development, custom WordPress plug-in development, and setting up a Continuous Integration and Deployment pipeline. We work closely with their staff to produce software custom to their needs.


Chess4Life was founded in 2005 by National Master Elliott Neff, author of A Pawn’s Journey. Today Elliott’s goal is to develop every Chess4Life student so that they build both chess and life skills, regardless of whether or not they move on to the championship level.

We are Technical Advisors for Chess4Life. We work closely with the executive leadership team to ensure their technology investment brings as much value to the company as possible. We work with their other technology providers to ensure a strategic approach to technology is maintained. In addition to our role as Technical Advisors, we have created a new WordPress website, and do custom software development.

Fives LundFives Lund

Fives Lund delivers engineering with a complete customer focus. From machine and system consultation and design – through assembly, commissioning and ongoing support. Their tagline is to provide unique deign-to-build solutions in any industry or stage of development.

Their strengths include mechanical and electrical engineering, robotics and controls integration, and software data informatics (IIOT and edge computing) with turnkey manufacturing services to additive manufacturing, commercial aerospace, space launch, large movable structures, heavy industrial, bioscience, and marine, and many other industries worldwide.

We work on one of Fives Lund’s internal projects. Our work includes custom .NET and Python code.

Chess HouseChess House

Chess House was founded with the purpose of helping its customers source the most unique, helpful, and sometimes whimsical chess games for their home, work-place, community, or lifestyle—in a way that will leave them smiling every time.

We have worked with Chess House to customize their Shopify website and help ensure their code is as robust, maintainable, and solid as possible.

Intellitonic LogoIntellitonic

Intellitonic is an SEO and Digital Marketing Company based in Bellingham, Washington. We worked with their internal development staff on proprietary software they use to better serve their clients. Our team provided Project Management and Senior Software Engineering services that integrated with the Intellitonic’s existing team and process.


Variant is a multidisciplinary creative agency in Bellingham, Washington.

We have implemented an ASP.NET RESTful API for them to use in one of their ongoing projects.

Whatcom Community College Logo


Whatcom Community College is a regionally and nationally accredited college located in Bellingham, Washington. WCC contacted us when their internal development team was at full capacity and they needed to get an additional project complete.

Our team created an Online Course Application tool that allows WCC students to enroll in classes online. The tool allows administrators to create any number of courses using a flexible set of controls that guide students through the enrollment process. The tool has an admin portal that allows administrators to review course applications and correspond with students about their enrollment status. The tool was written in Microsoft .Net Core.

SPIESPIE is The International Society for Optics and Photonics, based in Bellingham, Washington. They serve 255,000 constituents from 183 countries. SPIE publishes the SPIE Digital Library, the world’s largest collection of optics and photonics applied research with more than 500,000 papers from SPIE journals, conference proceedings and presentations, and eBooks. Which takes a lot of time, effort, and technology to coordinate.

We worked with SPIE to build their Azure DevOps Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipeline using Docker and Kubernetes. Our team architected and provisioned the pipeline, created a baseline ASP.NET Core solution used to demonstrate the pipeline, along with documentation needed for the SPIE team to take the project over.

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