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We have 35+ years of experience building custom software with Microsoft technologies. We have a passion for software that is flexible and robust.

Modern ASP.NET Core

Our work includes commercial web applications serving millions of users a month. Some of our software integrates a Classic ASP Intranet with a publicly available website. We’ve also written highly optimized C# code that processes millions of points for real-time inspection for a commercial composite layup machine.

Our Best Practices Include

  • S.O.L.I.D and D.R.Y. methodologies
  • Test Driven Development (TDD) with Unit Tests
  • Peer Code Review

Legacy Migration Services

We have hands-on experience with technologies that are no longer supported. We know how they work and how to update them to a modern software stack.


Modern software is incomplete without DevOps as the backbone of your process. We have built Azure DevOps pipelines that keep commercial software flowing. We are experienced in integrating GitHub repositories with Azure DevOps, Appveyor, and Jenkins (although we prefer Azure DevOps).

Our pipeline work includes an Electron application that automatically builds and deploys both Mac and Windows clients when code changes. Other pipelines we’ve built deploy an Azure-architected application to Azure Service Fabric when the Azure DevOps Git repository is updated.

Staff Augmentation

Sometimes you need a hand. Our senior software engineers bring decades of experience to your existing project and help you get more done.

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