Is Custom Software Killing Your Business?

Is Custom Software Killing Your Business?

If your custom software investment feels like a bottomless pit, this post is for you!

There are two ways to manage a software project:

  1. Focus on getting a lot of tasks done.
  2. Focus on building software that meets your business objectives.

While most development managers just focus on getting tasks completed, as a business leader, you focus on adding revenue to your bottom line. You know it’s important to add value with every line of code written.

If your process isn’t working, give me a call at (573) 944-2667 or fill out our contact formThere’s no obligation, at all. I start with a free consultation to help you understand what’s really happening in your development process. Many business leaders don’t actually know.

Focus On Your Business Objective

If you don’t manage your team strategically, the endless backlog of “features” will keep your developers busy while your business slowly dies.

As a business leader, it’s critical that you ensure every task your team works on achieves your business objective. This requires a totally different focus to the work your team does each day…

  • Filter every decision based on your business objectives.
  • Tasks have a clearly defined business objective they will accomplish.
  • Tests act as living requirements that ensure your business objectives are understood.

Creating a piece of software should propel your business to the next level. It should build rather than sink your business.

Give me a call at (573) 944-2667 if your software isn’t propelling your business to the next level. There’s no obligation, at all. My free consultation will help you understand where you’re getting off track.

Your Process Is The Key

An effective, proven software process is the key to ensuring everything you do helps you achieve your business objective. Knowing where to go is one thing. Knowing how to get there is another.

A healthy software process will ensure you have:

  1. Understood your business objective properly.
  2. Captured the tasks needed to achieve your business objective.
  3. Accountability in place to ensure your team is on track.
  4. Tests in place that validate your business objective is being met.
  5. A delivery pipeline that removes the opportunity for human error.

Need Help?

Don’t stay in the dark. Pouring money into software that isn’t earning you more money than it costs will kill your business. Fast.

Our process focuses on understanding your business and building software that gets you where you need to go. It is designed to ensure your software is built well, delivered on time, and meets your business objectives with each iteration.

After a FREE consultation, I’ll work up a proposal that will spell out exactly how to ensure your custom software meets your business objectives.

Then, if you want to work together, we will get going.

Let’s have a short call today. You can reach me at (573) 944-2667 or fill out our contact form and I’ll reach out to you.

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