The Death of Custom Software

The Death of Custom Software

Custom software doesn’t last forever.

It’s conceived with an idea. Then grows into something like a rebellious teen who doesn’t always do what they should. With time and effort, it finally matures into a solid, productive adult with huge earning potential. Over time, however, it loses its ability to keep up.

This is normal. It’s all part of the software development life cycle.

One of our clients had an application implemented in Adobe Flash. They had used it for years with great success. The Flash app provided a highly interactive user interface with animations and other “flashy” experiences. Since Adobe sunset Flash years ago, their app stopped running on the latest desktop and mobile operating systems.

We helped them find a solution that provides the same exciting user experience but is built on modern technology.

The result is a robust ecosystem that provides far more functionality than their original product with much less effort. The new product has animated screen transitions just like the original Flash app, with the addition of background content synching over the Internet. The new product also has an Enterprise Grade Content Management System (CMS) used to curate and maintain the content delivered to the client application. The whole ecosystem is tied into the client’s Intranet, where they maintain a creative content workflow that pushes completed content into the CMS with a click of a button.

Their sales force can now focus on their job to close more deals and increase revenue. Gone are the days of calling for support and wrestling with gigabytes of content. Everything happens in the background with a few clicks of the mouse.

If your software doesn’t have the same zip it used it may be time for an update.

Every business deserves to have healthy software that supports its business objectives.

We provide stress-free software development that scales with your needs. Our highly experienced team is like having a best friend who’s a software expert you can call on anytime. We love to help.

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