What’s Important Now?

What’s Important Now?

I was on a bi-weekly strategy call with one of our clients the other day. We were discussing his implementation strategy for their custom software. Like so many organizations out there, this is a small well run team with a limited budget of both time and money. There is constant pressure to do more with less.

This particular company is run via the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), something we embrace as well. A core tenant of EOS is focusing on a 90-day world driven by high-priority Rocks. The central mission of the company for each 90-day cycle is ensuring those Rocks are accomplished.

Despite this clear corporate focus, each of the five business units within my client’s company have prioritized the software development tasks differently based on their own needs. He was stuck. He could not figure out how to move forward without having some business units feeling unsupported.

I suggested he evaluate each software initiative in light of their Rocks for this quarter. The ones that support the overall business objective of the company should be moved to the top.

The fog lifted. He could immediately see where they should focus their software development effort for the next 90-days. By identifying what is important now he has been able to line up his tasks in a way that supports the overall business objectives for this quarter.

It’s true that custom software development is complicated and expensive, but it doesn’t have to overwhelming.

Remember, the reason you are building software is to support your business. Clearly identifying your business objectives gives you the framework to decide what custom software development tasks you should focus on. Focusing your software development effort on the tasks that support your business objectives gives you the solid foundation you need to drive your business forward.

Need Help?

Don’t stay in the dark. Pouring money into software that isn’t earning you more money than it costs will kill your business. Fast.

Our process focuses on understanding your business and building software that gets you where you need to go. It is designed to ensure your software is built well, delivered on time, and meets your business objectives with each iteration.

After a FREE consultation, I’ll work up a proposal that will spell out exactly how to ensure your custom software meets your business objectives.

Then, if you want to work together, we will get going.

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